To be eligible for an apartment, your annual income must not exceed the income limits for the county where the housing community you are applying for is located.  Our housing communities are also designated for specific groups: those 62 years of age or older, people with physical disabilities, those with developmental disabilities, those with chronic mental illness, and families. The head of household must meet specific eligibility requirements to be eligible for an apartment in those buildings.

There are additional requirements base on citizenship, rental history, and personal background.

Pets may be allowed if they meet our pet policy.  Download pet policy.

To view our full eligibility requirements, download the Eligibility Criteria and Housing Application.

Income Limits

Applicants must have incomes that are within the limits set by HUD or RD. Income limits, called area median income (AMI), are established annually by county or metropolitan area. The “Lower Income Limit” is based on 80% of the AMI ; the “Very Low Income Limit” is based on 50% of the AMI the “Extremely Low Income Limit” is based on 30% of the AMI.

Projects for Seniors

In projects for the seniors, the Head, Co-head or Spouse of the head of household must be sixty-two years of age or older (unless the project has been granted a waiver). If the building has specified units with accessibility features, applicants under the age of 62 may be eligible. Applicants who request an accessible apartment will be required to complete paperwork, which will be sent to their care provider, verifying their need for the accessibility features in those units.

Projects for People with Disabilities

In projects for people with disabilities, admission is based on a qualifying disability.  Applicants must meet the criteria for that project, as certified by a qualified health professional.